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Managed Email security


Technical Features

Secure email gateway:

  • It is positioned in front of your email system to protect both inbound and outbound email flows.

  • Inspects general email attributes to reduce unwanted email such as SPAM and marketing.  

  • Inspects email attachments to detect malicious payload, by using both signature based and dynamic inspection protections.

  • Inspects the body and attachments of email messages to detect potentially malicious links, by leveraging constantly updating reputation databases as well as dynamic real-time inspection of the web page contents.

  • Control the rate of the email flow to protect against email server denial of service.

  • Inspects message contents to detect and prevent possible loss of sensitive information.

  • Completes detailed analysis of email attributes and message contents to detect and prevent impersonation and spear phishing.

  • Ensures secure email delivery by enforcing encryption and authentication of the email flow. 

Our Service

We will fully manage the email security service, from its inception to its removal, including:

  • High Level Design - to ensure the service fits in your overall email service design - this includes sizing, feature selection, high-availability, licensing, and the process wrap around the service.

  • Low Level Design - to ensure all details for the successful implementation of the service are captured - this include the creation and migration to the target email flow, DNS, SPF, DMARC configuration, Anti-SPAM, anti-malware, DLP, URL protection, and all relevant configuration.

  • Implementation - we will plan and drive the implementation efforts, to match your schedules.

  • 24/7 Operations - Monitoring, Incident Management, Service Request Fulfillment, Change Management, Patching and Upgrades.

  • Configuration and security policy auditing - where we will ensure the device configuration and policy are up to your requirements and are reviewed regularly. 

  • Retirement of configuration and full service decommissioning. 


  • You employ best of breed technology vendors - such as Cisco, Microsoft, Symantec, Mimecast.

  • You have access to a pool of experienced and certified engineers that will design and deploy email security systems according to industry best practices.

  • You choose where and how the email security gateways are deployed, using our expert advice.

  • You can choose from flexible management bundles or unlimited, whatever meets your needs best.

Our Approach

We make it simple for you, while providing the flexibility you need. In case of a new deployment:

  • We assign an expert to participate in the design phase to capture all requirements and design the right solution for you.

  • We can resell hardware and licenses or you can buy them yourselves, whichever makes sense financially for you.

  • We work with your own IT staff to to install prepare and configure the service, avoiding disruption to existing email flows.

  • We will configure the appliances according to the design and will operate them according to the service of your choosing. 

In case of looking to outsource the management of an existing service:

  • We will assign an expert to discover the environment, the design of the service.

  • We will do an initial health and security check-up to understand and align you and us on the state of the service.

  • We will then move on to operate the service according to the tier of your choosing.

Operations Bundles

We have one operations bundle that covers the service:

  • [In case of appliance] One major upgrade per year.

  • [In case of appliance]Installation of critical security patches .

  • [In case of appliance] Annual device health check and security policy tuning.

  • [In case of appliance] 24/7 Monitoring of device availability and performance.

  • 24/7 Monitoring of system audit logs 

  • Unlimited incident handling.

  • Monthly Report for service statistics including, requests, incidents, changes, and relevant service statistics, such as email volume - blocked and delivered, performance, blocked threats by type. 


Provides for up to 5 policy changes or integrations on a monthly basis. That's more than enough for most environments post the initial setup.

Additional Service Options

Introduce new feature

We will design and integrate any previously unused or newly released features, according to your schedules and considering your change management process. We will then operate them as part of the standard operations bundles.

Major Upgrade

If you want to have it first, you may need to do more than 1 major upgrade per year. We've got you covered!

Policy Audit

In case you need more frequent policy audits. We've got you covered!

Phishing Incident Response

When you want your users to be fully taken care of, and any suspicious email reported and analyzed with context of your organization in mind.

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