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Identify threats and improve your cloud cyber defenses

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Identity risks and harden your cloud infrastructure

Evaluate your existing cloud security and harden your assets against targeted attacks.

Identity Risks

Expand your visibility of the risks related to existing services and configurations in your cloud environment.

Enhance Capabilities

Level up your team's ability to proactively monitor and detect threats in the cloud.

Prioritize improvements

Make risk-focused decisions to determine the right level of security improvement to effectively harden your cloud infrastructure while minimizing impact to existing services.

Service Overview

The cloud brings scalability and cost efficiency to almost any organization. More and more assets are moved to the cloud. The critical assets are no longer locked in the on-premises castle. Attackers don't wait! Threat actors are adapting their tactics and techniques to target and exploit cloud environments. With our service we help you to: 

  • Understand threats specific to your cloud environment

  • Remediate commonly exploited cloud misconfigurations

  • Reduce your cloud attack surface

  • Enhance the visibility and you detection capabilities in your cloud environment

  • Prioritize implementing and improving new security controls in the cloud

What you get

  • A snapshot of your current cloud environment with details of your existing architecture and the existing security controls.

  • Detailed list of prioritized recommendations to improve your cloud security posture.

  • Recommendations for enhancing visibility across your cloud infrastructure and improving security incident detection.

How it works?

  • Phase 1. Initial Document Review 

  • Phase 2. Onsite Workshops

  • Phase 3. Configuration review

  • Phase 4. Reporting

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