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If you're looking for a workplace, where your opinion does NOT matter ...

If you want to work for a company that pretend it pays, while you pretend to work ...

If you want your curiosity and drive to be flushed down the drain ...

Hit BACKSPACE, close the browser, turn the computer off! Anything, just, for the love of god...

                                                                             DO NOT APPLY

If you hit the "Apply Now" button, you risk:

  • To have a lot of work!

  • To be well paid!

  • To need to study hard!

  • To work with cutting edge cyber security technologies!

  • To have capable mentors!

  • To work in a diverse IT environment - multicloud, enterprise and business to consumer.

  • To have an office next to the subway and to have a parking spot!

  • To enjoy working with shorts during hot summer days!

The technology stack we work with:​

  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud.

  • Palo Alto Networks next gen firewalls and EDR.

  • Microsoft 365 full security stack.

  • Windows and Linux security stack.

  • Many open source testing and automation tools.

We are always looking for talent

Cyber Security Engineer

Help us design, implement and operate security solutions for our customers.
Regularly test IT systems and applications to find weaknesses and remediate them before the bad guys.
Monitor for and drive the remediation of cyber security incidents.
Become a CyberSecurity Super Hero!


Come Work with Us

Take the time to speak with us. Get to know what we do to help our customers. You won't regret it!

Thanks for submitting!

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