Cyber Security Consulting

When you need an expert helpful hand

Technical Consultancy

Looking for one off expert advise or an engineer to architect, design and implement a specific solution and handover it to your internal team for operations? We've got it!

Emergency Incident Response

Are you breached and in urgent need of expertise to help you contain and recover from an Incident? Our incident leads will navigate you through to a positive outcome!

Security Governance

We can help you get your security policies and processes up to speed. It is no easy task, but with your intimate knowledge of your business and our expertise in security and compliance, we will achieve tremendous results!

Our consultancy bundles

How dies it work?

You buy a bundle, raise a service request in our online request system, and one of our experts get in touch with you!

Daily Rate

Hire us on a daily basis. Today you need us, tomorrow not. Your call.

Monthly bundle

Get a number of hours from us on a monthly basis, minimum of 24. The more you get, the less it costs.

Dedication is the name of the game

You're looking for a fixed term consultant to work on a project, bridge the gap in skills and experience while your internal team gets up to speed or you just don't have the workload to justify hiring a full-time information security officer? We've got the right people to help you! We will understand your goals, plan a roadmap to achieve them matching your terms and budget.

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